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is your parteron broke

Hope you add the tilset with the dragonhead to your store here. Looks like a gem :)

Actually the dragonhead itself is free to use, available here:

Was more interested in the tileset used in that photo :) The dragonhead just pinpointed that image easy :)

Cool, a new set!  Looks great.  Is it in the same style as the other sets, where it's mostly pixel art except for the textures?

Your page changed a lot since I was last here.  What happened to the other sets?  Is there any problem with using them?

this collection will be a renovation of the previous collection. I felt that most biomes were incomplete in terms of animations or vegetation decorations. Furthermore, i wanted to avoid any Mario imagery in these new packs.

Ah, that makes sense.  I was planning on altering or editing out the Mario references myself before using Pixel Odyssey, so I think it's a good choice.  I guess this means that I was too anxious when buying the packs, since the renovation will be more useful to me than the original.  Oh well.

Since this is a renovation, was I right about it not being pure pixel art?  I'm sorry about repeating the question, but I need to know for certain.  I think the results looked nice in Odyssey, but due to the way I would want to use them, I'm looking for pixel art only.  This makes a big difference in if I can justify buying game art, since at some point the effort to make other artist's tiles fit could be more than the effort to make something from scratch.

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MyPixelOdyssey tried to use texturized tiles in some elements (resulting in the grass texture having way too many colors in MPO, for example). For this one i decided to keep it way simpler, textures are more simple and cartoonish, so the number of colors is reduced as well (4-6 colors mostly). So yeah MyPixelWorld is pure pixel art

Hope that helped :)


Yes it does, thank you!

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Do i own the rights to use it in my game project and publish after I purchased?

Yes :)

nice work as always!


Thank you man <3

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Looks amazing! Almost pokemony.


Yeah, It's very inspired in Pokemon aesthethics :)